Mina Protocol Limited Public PreSale Announcement!🔥

🔥 Limited Public PreSale Details:

What do you need to do?

  1. Send from 0.1 to 5 ETH or $170–9000 USDT/USDC to the official contribution Wallet address and we will send you tokens to the address you sent it from:

Important Information:

  • It is FCFS (first come first served round).
  • No KYC is needed to participate.
  • To participate use only your ETH wallet, to which you have full access. Exchange wallets are not supported.
  • Any excess amount sent to the contribution address will be refunded.
  • The presale will be closed only after reaching the hard cap. It will be announced apart!
  • In case you sent the funds after reaching the Hard Cap, the funds will be returned back.
  • Participation in this sale is possible only once.

Official website | Twitter | Facebook | Github | Discord | Telegram



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